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  • Double table 5 Axis CNC Router
Double table 5 Axis CNC Router

Double table 5 Axis CNC Router


Product Paramenters
Model of the Parts
cnc for bent chairs
Machine Tools
Thick Steel Pipe Welding, Processed by 4 axis Working center
Guide Rails
Taiwan  brand Linear Rails
Helical gears rails
Gears Rails
High precision helical gears rails
Z axis
HQD 9KW ATC air cooling
Working Table
 Vacuum Table with T-slot
Vacuum Pump
7.5KW water cooling vacuum pump 466m3/min
Electric parts
CHT electric parts, High flexible shielded cable, brand pneumatic component
Fulin inverter
Speed Reducer
Japan SHRIMPO speed reducer
Drive Motors
Taiwan Delta 1kw servo motor and driver(Z-axis band brake)
Machine Weight
 Oil lubricating
 Electrical oil lubricating system
Control Cabinet
Integrated control operating system box
Key word
machine to curve plywood chair
Applications: Various kinds of solid wood, rubber and plastic ABS, polyurethane, glass fiber, carbon fiber and other composite materials for slotting, chamfering, milling, hook groove and other processes and angles of high precision, high efficiency processing.
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4 Axis Syntec (5 Axis is optional)
The ATC control system has the advantages of fast response speed, stable operation, man-machine interface, convenient keys, quick operation, easy to learn, fast Operation.

HQD 9KW air cooling
Adopt high power air-cooling spindle, with strong power for cutting and grooving

Servo drive motor
High torque make fast speed and work stability. The z-axis adopts planer motor, which can protect the head of the equipment from
slipping after power interrupt.

Taiwan Square Linear Rails
High precision, long service time, large contact surface, strong load-carrying capacity. Side rail technology can ensure the
operation stability

High precision tool setting instrument
Improve the accuracy and speed of tool setting, so as to improve the machining efficiency and workpiece accuracy.

Electric oil filling system
The oiling time can be set at any time to automatically oiling, avoid forgetting to oiling and damage the track, ensure the
lubrication of the slider lead screw guide rail, and extend the service time

Vacuum table
T slot and Vacuum table. There is no dead angle on the vacuum table, and the small plate is firmly adsorbed.

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